Terms & Conditions


Membership entitles the subscriber to monthly WordPress website Plugin and Theme updates for one website, completed within each month and some subscriptions (as noted) also include an allocation of time for updates to website content using our development and design services. Any website content work required in addition to the allocated amount will be charged at $110 per hour including GST.

Pricing listed on the Web Helper website is subject to change without notice and if Subscription prices change, our subscribers will receive a minimum of 2 weeks notice (to your email account on file) regarding the pricing change.

Support enquiries must be related to the website that your Subscription is based on.

Most support enquiries are responded to within one business day, usually within 4 hours.


Subscription Fees

The Credit Card holder’s account will automatically be debited on the day you sign up for the Subscription and then charged on each corresponding month unless the Subscription is cancelled.

Web Helper reserves the right to cancel a Subscription if we are unable to renew the Subscription due to incorrect Credit Card information or unable to charge your Credit Card for any reason.

Access to the Subscription services, is only available on payment of our Subscription fees.


Cancellations & Refunds

You may cancel your Subscription at any time from your Account page.

Your membership will continue up until the end of your monthly charge cycle, at which point your Credit Card on file will not be charged any further. For example if you signed up for a Subscription on February 2nd and you cancel your plan on February 15th, your membership will continue until March 2nd which is when your billing cycle ends.

Subscription fees are non-refundable, and per the Cancellations policy above your membership and Credit Card charge will discontinue at the end of the monthly charge cycle, depending on the date that you signed up.


WordPress Updates - Themes & Plugins

We aim to complete all WordPress updates and particularly Security updates within 30 days of their release and we allow 30mins of additional support time if there are any issues. On the rare occasion that we can’t quickly resolve the issues on your website created by new updates, we may need to restore your website from backup and will contact you (the client) with recommendations on how to resolve the problem. At this point we will do our best to estimate how much additional time and cost (in addition your subscription) will be involved in fixing the problem.


Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. To operate this service, Web Helper will collect personal information in order to offer the best service to you during your Subscription. Web Helper will need to collect and use: Information about website transactions made on our website including the information you provide to us when purchasing one of our Services. We will also collect any other information that you email to us, particularly in the administration of your Subscription service.

We use your personal information: to provide the best service to you during your Subscription, to enable you access to your account and our services, to deliver the services that you Subscribe to, to send you reports/invoices/other information related to your Subscription, and also to collect payments for your Subscription.


Email Communications

Most communication by Web Helper is carried out via email, so please ensure your account contains your best email contact information.


Get in Touch with us at Web Helper

For any further enquiries regarding your personal information, our Subscription services or anything else related to our Terms, Policies and your Privacy then please contact us at Web Helper.